A1 Apartments Aruba - The place to be!

Are you looking for that perfect Aruba getaway? Do you require quality accommodations at affordable prices? Is it your goal to experience every aspect of Aruba without breaking the bank? Of course, it is! And that’s why A1 Apartments is here for you!

is the perfect place for you to experience everything Aruba has to offer. Our cozy and comfortable apartments are clustered together in a quiet downtown neighborhood of Oranjestad. Our own home is on premises for quick assistance to our guests with any of your needs.

A1 Apartments Aruba

For 31 years we’ve been helping guests from around the world experience Aruba. In that time we’ve forged many strong and lasting friendships as well as unforgettable memories. We hope you come and experience Aruba’s famous culture and hospitality first-hand with us at A1 Apartments.